1. This is a personal blog. The purpose of this blog is to keep my family, friends, other paralegals, and stalkers updated on my life. The opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own.
  2. This blog is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, the XYZ Law Firm, The United States Bankruptcy Courts, any Trustee or their office, or Beyonce.
  3. I am a paralegal not a lawyer. This website does not contain legal advice. Seek legal advice from a lawyer, not a blog. Do not sue me.Thanks.

“ ” is not actually, on the record.

The quotations by clients and Boss in the “ ” posts are frequently facetious. I also don’t walk around with a recorder. The quotes may be inexact. If you feel that you are grievously misquoted please, just feel flattered you were mentioned at all.

Placeholder names:

When documenting a conversation, I generally use placeholder names to avoid confusion. Clueless and Dumber Than a Box of Rocks are not the names of my clients. Neither is Boss. These are simply generic placeholder names. Placeholder names are not nicknames given to particular clients.

If you are in Bankruptcy and your name is Clueless, or Pain in the Ass, or whatever – do not fear. I am not quoting you. You just happen to have a unfortunately generic name.

Placeholder names on this blog do not consistently refer to any single individual. Placeholder names are not gender specific.This is to protect the anonymity of my clients.

Nothing on this site is intended to identify (or ridicule) any particular individual (client, Boss, or otherwise).

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