Fork in the Road

      First of all, thank you all for your sweet messages and emails on my birthday.  I appreciated them- especially since it was a big one for me.  You may have noticed that I have not blogged as much as usual, of if I have, it was a story about my family.  I […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

  It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to Fuck you it’s my birthday. A special holiday only for me, so do what I say, it’s my party, I’ll make you cry if I want to…or leave. Fuck you, it’s not your birthday, so do what I say. For 24 hours your wishing […]

Picnic In The Park

So, I am pretty sure my oldest will be getting a scholarship to MIT, Harvard or Yale.  Other teenagers seem to live in their own bubble, but not my oldest.  Nope, the boy is on top of things. Last  week we had to attend Picnic in the Park, which was a major grade in his […]

What the What??

So, my attorney and I meet with a woman this morning who needed to sign some documents to give her mineral rights away.  She is about 35, brunette, dressed well and was really nice.  I noticed that she was flirting VERY heavily with my attorney. I don’t know if I have talked about the attorney I […]

Ten Reasons Parenting Sucks

1. Screaming at my two boys to take a damn shower every night.  Why is cleanliness so hard?  I actually have to say “Go take a shower, use soap on your body and make sure you use shampoo on your hair and wash it out.”  Why?  If I don’t, they jump in for ten seconds […]

Help Out A Teacher

  When I taught school, most of my salary went to supplies, needed library books, etc.  We were not allowed to ask for donations from the parents and I was broke. I wish this website was around when I was teaching.  Check it out How it Works 1. You give to a classroom project. 2. We […]

Quick Update

Yes, I am still alive, although my teenager may kill me soon.  We had some major teenage drama Friday night, but I will save that because it is good enough for its own post. The job is awesome.  I really have no complaints.  My attorney is super sweet and has already given my a bottle […]

Give Me Strength

                      Holy Motherf###ing shit! I have a  wonderful, handsome fourteen year old son. He is absolutely the coolest kid in school. Don’t believe me?  Just ask him! Somehow, and I am not sure when this happened, he woke up and now  knows everything in life. […]

Work and Passion?

HSF and I have been talking a lot about work and passion. HSF is, what I think, one of a handful of people who actually has a passion for his work. He loves his work, never dreads going to the office, and is always excited about new projects, etc. they hand him. HSF asked me […]

Labor Day- PH Style

            Hey, let’s be honest. Labor Day is not really a holiday. It’s just an excuse to have a Mattress sale, but I am not turning my nose up at it.  Hell no.  I’ll take off any day they give me.  Seriously, if there was You are a total bitch […]

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