Here is a handy tip I got while trying to think of something to write about myself…

How do you write an About Me page?

There are four main questions that readers want answered on your About Me page:

  1. who you are…
  2. your expertise and how it addresses…
  3. their problem or goal, and how they can…
  4. contact you

The above four questions are fucking ridiculous, so I am not going to give them the time of day to answer them.  Screw you, About Me Page tip author. Yes, I really am a paralegal.  I have the liquor cabinet to prove  it.  I am a certified ABA paralegal with a speciality in Bankruptcy.  Do I like being a paralegal?  Most of the time.  But, our job is not all unicorns and rainbows and my blog is about the real profession of being a paralegal, warts and all.

You will find VERY few paralegal blogs who write the truth about our profession. Most are about handy tips, plugs to their books, or just linking “Positive” blogs for paralegals .I am all for that, but this is my blog, not a fucking staff  meeting on how handy Exhibit tabs can be when it comes to Discovery.

I like shoes, vodka, red mustangs and Swedish men.  If I won the lottery, I would tell the legal world to go blow themselves and buy my own island  where HSF and I could live in seclusion.  Don’t worry- I’d buy an island a couple away where the kids would stay.  We could ferry them over to us every now and again.

If you don’t like my blog, it sucks to be you.  If you do, feel free to contact me at paralegal@paralegalhell.com.

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