Christmas Came Early This Year

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Yesterday was a glorious day.  Apparently, my two boys stayed up late the night before and conspired for the both of them to go bat shit crazy at school “just for fun” on the same fucking day.

Here is the summary of yesterday.

10:00- My cell phone rings and I see that it is my ten year old’s school.  Now, he is not a trouble maker, so I was expecting the nurse on the phone saying he was sick, or some automated bullshit message that our school district sends out (Good morning parents, this year’s Santa Parade is on Tuesday… blah, blah, blah), but no- it is my son.  He states that he is calling because he has signed his behavior card three times today and has to call to tell me.   What did he do?  Good question.  I asked the same thing.  His first offense was not bringing his homework to school.  When he was told to sign his card for that, he muttered “Oh Joy!” to the teacher (second offense) and then when he was asked if he has signed his card by his teacher for both offenses he snapped back at her with a charming “Absolutely- why would I NOT sign my card twice so I can  get in trouble?”, which equaled his third offense for being a smart ass towards his teacher.


I tell the little punk that he better apologize to his teacher for being a smart ass and have a better day.  He states that he will and hangs up.

12:00- I see my cell phone ringing from my ten year old’s school again.  This time I am on alert and answer the phone with a weary “Hello?”.  It is my son again.  No, he is not calling to tell me that he turned his day around and that he won student of the year.  He decided that he didn’t want to face the consequences of signing his card three times and go to “silent lunch”, so he just skipped it instead.  His reason?  I always go to silent lunch and I am sick of it.  My response?  You are a freaking liar because if you always has silent lunch, your teacher would have called me about what an incredible asshole you are at school.  He admitted that he just didn’t want to face the punishment and skipped it and starts crying because I tell him he is in deep shit when he gets home.  I hang up and grab some aspirin from the break room.

12:40- My cell phone rings.  This time, it is my 14 year old’s math teacher on the phone.   I know he is not calling to tell me what a delight my child is, so I sit down and brace myself for what is to come.  Apparently, my genius is not turning in his homework.  His is aceing all of his tests, quizzes, etc., but can not seem to be bothered with turning in homework.  Here is the kicker.  He has his homework done, he just can’t seem to gather enough energy to take it out of his backpack and hand it to his freaking teacher, so he has several zeros  for this and he is in danger of failing this six weeks.  I couldn’t be more proud…

At this point, I am wishing I had some vodka.  We decide that my 14 year old will go to school early next week to catch up on his work and to prepare for his semester exam.  I apologize to the teacher for having to teach my 14 year old wolverine and tell him how much I appreciate the call and his willingness to help the situation.  I know that when I get home and tell my 14 year old that he has to go to school early next week he is going to be pissed, which gives me a smile and the will to carry on for the rest of the workday.

2:00- My cell phone rings from my 10 year old’s school.  I honestly scream out loud “You have got to be fucking kidding me!’  I answer the phone with “What the hell did you do now?” and my ten year old explains that he is sitting out at recess and wanted me to know because he didn’t want to get in more trouble.  I told him that of course he was sitting out at recess and that if he thinks that this phone call is going to make up for his shit he pulled earlier, he was sadly mistaken.  I hung up the phone and told my boss that we need to start keeping some vodka in the office for emergencies.

4:00- My cell phone rings from my 14 year old’s school.  Apparently progress reports were handed out last week and my son has not brought it back signed.  That is not a shocker, because I never even saw a progress report for the little fucker.  I thank the teacher for the phone call and tell her that it will be signed and brought to school tomorrow.  I call my 14 year old and ask him to get his progress report ready for me to see and sign when I get home.  His response?  “What progress report? ” At this point I was close to snapping, but I was at work and couldn’t look crazier than I already am.  He tells me that he never got any progress report (BULLSHIT!) and doesn’t know what I am talking about (BULLSHIT!).  I tell him to get on the computer, go to the school’s website and print it out so I can sign it.  He sighs and hangs up.  I call him back I tell him not to ever sigh and hang up on me again, and then, being the good parent that I am, hang up on him.

4:30- My boss tells me that I need to leave early to go to the liquor store and beat the crap out of my kids.  I thank him and get the hell out of the office.

5:00- I get the progress report from my son, sign it and then tell him the news that he has to go to school early next week because of his math homework.  His reaction makes me happy because, as I noted earlier, he wouldn’t be pleased with this.

5:15- I tell HSF that I can not take anymore today.  That the boys have won and I am waving the white flag.  I don’t care at this point if both of them want to drop out of school and wander the streets because today, they have beaten me.  HSF smiles and hands me a letter that came in the mail.  It is from my 14 year old’s school and once again, I know it is not a letter from the principal asking if they could have some of my son’s DNA because he is such an amazing student and they want to clone him for generations to see such a fine example of a human being.  I tell HSF to read it, as I have gone blind with rage.  He does, yells for our son to come down from his room and informs both of us that he has been tardy 11 times this semester and has been assigned to “Friday School” to make up the time.  My son’s response?  “Cool”.  I honestly do not know what happened after that- I think I might have had a rage blackout.  HSF told me that he saw the look in my eyes, took our son out of the room and dealt with him while I apparentlly went crazy in our bedroom.

The boys are grounded until they are 55 and HSF stated that I would see the humor in this once I get some vodka in me this weekend.  I hope so.  Until then, if anyone wants two boys for Christmas, just let me know.  I will pay YOU to take them.

I am also thinking of taking donations to send the 14 year old to military school….

Happy Friday,




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