Christmas List 2011

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Due to HSF and I buying a house, the cost of the move, etc. we sat our kids down and explained to them that Christmas is NOT going to be very big this year.  We suggested that they each pick four things that they REALLY want that is not too expensive and give us the list.  Now, I know the boys and they have no clue what “too expensive” means, so I told them something under $150 and stated that they will NOT get the four items on the list, just one.

Pretty simple procedure, right?  I mean, our four year old got on Amazon and made her wish list right away with tons of crap that we can give her and she will be happy for years.

After a week, I asked for the boys lists and, stupid me, was hopeful that they understood the rules of the gifts this year.  HA!

Here is the 10 year olds list:

1. Life size replica of Master Chief from Halo to put in his new room

2. New headset for Xbox (cost- $200)

3. Several new games for the Xbox (about $60 a piece)

4. A new I-phone

Now, I do have to give the 10 year old credit, because after I read the list he did say that he would just be happy with one game this year, so even though his list made me laugh, at least he got bonus points for understanding he may just get one of the games listed.

The 14 year old’s list:

1. A brand new computer

2. A Deadmou5 head ($500)

3. A car- no, not a hotwheel- a FREAKIN car

4. Brand new I-phone

and a bonus

5. Brand new entertainment center for his new room (new X-box, surround sound, etc.)

I read his list, looked at it, read it again and asked him if it was a joke.   He looked at me like I was crazy and said, no.  I don’t expect the car, but everything else is a good price, right? 

Looks like the 14 year old will be very sad this Christmas when I give him a pair of socks and some underwear.


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