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So, from my post yesterday, you have learned that we are moving.  Soon. 

I am very excited, but it has been a freaking long journey.  Looking at 800 houses, firing our first realtor, going back and forth with the seller on the current house- well, you can imagine what a chipper mood I have been in for the past two months.

Before you think- wow, PH is a total bitch, she FIRED her first realtor, let me tell you the story.

I met with the woman and she seemed very bright, took note of things I liked in a house and things that would be dealkillers.  She seemed to be very personable and organized.  HSF and I were comfortable with her, so we set up an appointment to see houses the following weekend.  She stated she would email us a list of houses and we could make a list of the ones we wanted to check out.

Coolio right?

We get the list from her and EVERYTHING that I listed as a dealkiller is on this list.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt and emailed her, thinking she may have accidently switched lists thinking the houses she emailed was on the want list.  She apologized, sent a new list, which HSF and I went through, picked out about 8 houses and made an appointment to meet her at the first house around 10:00 am.

The morning of the house hunt the kids were excited (except for the teen- he doesn’t get excited about anything but Mou5heads) and we arrive at the first house about 5 minutes early.  We wait.  An wait.  And wait some more.  The kids are driving us crazy and I am about to jump in the back seat with them to slap them around, when our realtor calls.  She got confused as to what house we were to meet at and wanted to know where we were.  She would be there in ten minutes.

Allrighty, right NOW I want to call her back and tell her that it just isn’t going to work out.  This is a big ol strike two, but HSF wanted to at least look at the houses.  I told him that he would regret that decision.  

She arrives at the first house, and finds out that she forgot to call that realtor for an appointment to show that house.  I almost flew out of the car and snapped her neck, but we drove to the next house where she assured us that she had made an appointment.

We pull up to one of the houses on the list that I HATED and told her in my second email to take it off the list.  I just looked at HSF and without missing a beat he got out of the car to talk to her about me hating this house and that we didn’t want to see it.  He also got out of the car, because if I did, the realtor would have been baldheaded at this point.

HSF got the list of houses from her and comes back to the car.  He just hands over the list to me, which has six more houses on it and are the DEALKILLERS!  I was now chomping at the bit to get out of the car and ask her what the hell is wrong with her?  Did she not understand what dealkiller meant?  Were we on some crazy ass Japenese reality show?

I was opening the door when HSF, not wanting to bail me out of jail, got out first and told her that things just weren’t working out.   She seemed to understand and we went home.

The next day, the lady called and thought that even though things didn’t work out with her as our realtor, that she thought we hit it off and invited me to go to the movies with her that night.  What??  I swear, I was looking around for the cameras to the crazy ass Japanese reality show.  That could be the ONLY explaniation at this point.

The good news is we found a great realtor and hopefully will be closing on our new house soon! 


BTW- no, I did not got to the movies with the crazy realtor, but if anyone wants a super crazy friend in their life, let me know and I’ll hook ya up :)


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