Proud Parent of Mediocrity

Posted on | November 8, 2011 | Comments Off on Proud Parent of Mediocrity

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This is a picture of my oldest son.  Do you see that thing on his head? That is a Mau5head.  He wears it to Deadmau5 concerts. 

So, do you see how detailed it is?  He designed it, bought all the parts with his allowance,  and put it all together by himself in three days.  Pretty damn creative, right?

So, why the hell does my son have a C in his Honors Science class right now?  Well, that is because he has hardly done a damn thing for his Science Project, which he has had the plans, deadlines, etc since the third week of school. 

He can build a Mou5head, but can’t figure out how to do anything for his science project. 

Yes, he is grounded :)  I am so unfair.


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