My Boss “Gets” Me!

                  Look at what my boss gave me for Thanksgiving Day!  Does he know me, or what?  HSF and I plan on opening  my amazing gift in our new house, which we close on December 15th!  It has six bedrooms, so if you are every in my area, […]

Classless Hooker (or my Pretty Woman review)

                So, dear readers.  I lost a bet.  Yep.  I was so sure that I was right about a trivia fact, that I bet my good friend that if I was wrong that I would watch Pretty Woman again and blog about it.  I bet my friend that […]


      So, from my post yesterday, you have learned that we are moving.  Soon.  I am very excited, but it has been a freaking long journey.  Looking at 800 houses, firing our first realtor, going back and forth with the seller on the current house- well, you can imagine what a chipper mood […]

House Hunting and Moving Sucks The Big One

                Yep.  The title says it all. PH

Proud Parent of Mediocrity

                  This is a picture of my oldest son.  Do you see that thing on his head? That is a Mau5head.  He wears it to Deadmau5 concerts.  So, do you see how detailed it is?  He designed it, bought all the parts with his allowance,  and put […]

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