Picnic In The Park

Posted on | October 11, 2011 | Comments Off on Picnic In The Park

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So, I am pretty sure my oldest will be getting a scholarship to MIT, Harvard or Yale.  Other teenagers seem to live in their own bubble, but not my oldest.  Nope, the boy is on top of things.

Last  week we had to attend Picnic in the Park, which was a major grade in his Orchestra class.  The family was looking forward to it and we made sure that we cleared our schedules to get there on time, etc.

The night of the concert, I rushed home to help HSF make picnic food, get the blankets, drinks, etc.  We thought about putting some wine in some water bottles, but decided not to look like winos in front of the school.  Hard decision, but we did it!

So, we have everything ready to go.  I am yelling at the three kids to get their shoes on and we are walking out the door, when I notice my genius son forgot to get his Viola for the concert.  I tell him to run upstairs and grab it so we won’t be late.

A look of sheer panic overcomes him.  I already know what he is about to say and have to place myself between the car and my son so that I don’t do anything I may regret, like choke the crap out of him.

“Mom, I can’t believe it.  I forgot my Viola at school.”

Yes, the child KNEW he had a concert that night, but forgot to bring the freaking instrument he was going to play and left it at school.  I wanted to kill him.

Luckily, his younger brother has a smaller Viola, and he had to play that the night of the picnic.  He was not very happy, playing his brother’s Viola, but I told him if I heard one negative thing come out of his mouth, that I would personally shove the bow up his nose.  He was quiet after that.

So, I am sure MIT will be knocking down our door any minute for a full scholarship.  His responsibility and maturity almost brings me to tears (and not in a good way).

We should have brought the wine after all….











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