Help Out A Teacher

  When I taught school, most of my salary went to supplies, needed library books, etc.  We were not allowed to ask for donations from the parents and I was broke. I wish this website was around when I was teaching.  Check it out How it Works 1. You give to a classroom project. 2. We […]

Quick Update

Yes, I am still alive, although my teenager may kill me soon.  We had some major teenage drama Friday night, but I will save that because it is good enough for its own post. The job is awesome.  I really have no complaints.  My attorney is super sweet and has already given my a bottle […]

Give Me Strength

                      Holy Motherf###ing shit! I have a  wonderful, handsome fourteen year old son. He is absolutely the coolest kid in school. Don’t believe me?  Just ask him! Somehow, and I am not sure when this happened, he woke up and now  knows everything in life. […]

Work and Passion?

HSF and I have been talking a lot about work and passion. HSF is, what I think, one of a handful of people who actually has a passion for his work. He loves his work, never dreads going to the office, and is always excited about new projects, etc. they hand him. HSF asked me […]

Labor Day- PH Style

            Hey, let’s be honest. Labor Day is not really a holiday. It’s just an excuse to have a Mattress sale, but I am not turning my nose up at it.  Hell no.  I’ll take off any day they give me.  Seriously, if there was You are a total bitch […]

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