Hi All, Please be patient with me the next few weeks.  I have interviews lined up pretty much for the next two weeks and may not get a chance to blog as often as I would like. PH

The Woman In The Pool

              Vacation is over and we had a wonderful time. Cabo was beautiful, the snorkeling and zip lining was super fun, and the most important- the swim up bar was used A LOT. First of all, whoever invented the swim up bar is a freaking genius. Seriously. There should […]

Many Thanks!

Well, I am back from Cabo.  I didn’t want to leave, but the resort told me I had to go because they were running out of vodka and rum. Many, many thanks to Corporate who was SO awesome to blog while I was away.  I tried my best, dear readers, to get her to blog […]

And now, the end is here

And so I face the final curtain call…. Well, my time filling in for PH has come to an end. It was fun and I learned a lot. I learned that I will probably never write a blog again. This is hard. And for those who think that you can do it and this is […]

The Devil and His Minions

Today I spent the entire day with a trainer for one of the software programs that we use in my department. He also happens to be a former employee of my company so it is always fun to visit with him and swap stories. Plus, he is in contact with other people from my company […]

Policies and Procedures

I sometimes wonder how I am able to even go to the bathroom at work without having to follow some sort of policy. Oh wait, there is one. I am allowed a ten minute break during the morning and during the afternoon but I must check with my supervisor to see if it is allowed. […]

The Flip Side

Sure, I told you all of the joys of corporate world. But it is not perfect. There is a flip side. And for that reason, I present you with the reasons to NOT go corporate. 1. Politics. I am sure that in law firms large and small you still have some element of politics, especially […]

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