Midwest construction and the Prius

Posted on | July 29, 2011 | 2 Comments

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Recently, as I was driving into work, I was stopped by some construction on the road. It is summertime in the Midwest. You can’t travel anywhere on our roads without seeing some form of construction. You learn to adapt. Slow down. Merge over into the slower moving lane. Turn up the radio and chill out.
So it was kind of funny that morning when we (the reasonable road warriors) were all merging into the right lane behind the semis because we knew that the left lane would eventually end. And, being from the Midwest, we knew that the cars in front of us would not take too kindly to us zipping down the left lane to try and pass just a few more cars to get up further in the line. If I have to wait then you have to wait. In my driver side mirror I could see this little Prius coming speeding down the left lane – with out-of-state plates.
Now, by way of disclosure, I drive an SUV. Not one of those monsters but a pretty big 4-wheel drive. You can’t live in my state and expect to get to work in the middle of winter when there is 12-inches of snow outside without a 4-wheel drive SUV. The irony is that the Prius vehicles are all stuck in their driveways by the very think that they are trying to combat – global warming and increased snowfalls. So, I am probably a bit biased against these hybrid vehicles. So what happened next made my day.
Anyway…here comes this Prius clearly trying to get past all of the other vehicles before having to merge at the last minute. In front of me, a semi. And I watched the semi drift slowly into the center of the two lanes to make sure that no one could pass him. Well…the Prius had to stop pretty quick. So quickly that I expected to see the road bunch up like it does in a cartoon. And then he spent the next three miles trying to pass the semi – all while flipping the semi off. Cause that really helped! Eventually he had to merge over behind me – someone was feeling generous and let him in. When we finally cleared the construction zone, all of the cars behind the Prius immediately pulled into the left lane and boxed him in. I laughed about that all day.
So on my drive home that evening I tried to find the meaning in that event – or develop some metaphor for life. There isn’t one.
Just remember to not piss off the semi.

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2 Responses to “Midwest construction and the Prius”

  1. Grumpy Humbug
    July 29th, 2011 @ 4:04 pm

    The meaning in that event is that “Kharma’s a Bitch”.  Apparently so are out-of-state Prius drivers.

  2. Superlegal
    July 30th, 2011 @ 2:59 pm

    Ahhhbh, ha ha ha! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am a proud SUV driver too. And not for cause either. I just love sucking the planet dry. Oops, I mean…. oh nevermind. No, seriously, I have little kids and a prius would just be ridiculous. I get so pissed off though when the priuses try to beat my acceleration. Not going to happen, boy. Move over and let the big kids through, alright. I don’t mean to offend, but I live in one of the “green” new age cities where prius drivers have political attitudes
    and noses in the air. They even get designated closer parking spots. I guess they should be considered handicapped if they think they can out-accelerate this chick!

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