Midwest construction and the Prius

Recently, as I was driving into work, I was stopped by some construction on the road. It is summertime in the Midwest. You can’t travel anywhere on our roads without seeing some form of construction. You learn to adapt. Slow down. Merge over into the slower moving lane. Turn up the radio and chill out. […]

Clothes make the man….or woman

The other day at work we had an employee picnic and, as part of the relaxed atmosphere (and because we were closing early in the middle of the heat wave), we were allowed to wear shorts and “casual” clothes. It was funny to look around and see what people wear as casual. It really shows […]

I will stay in-house, thank you very much,

As you know, I work in the corporate world. Before that I worked in private practice. I even worked for the local State’s Attorney in juvenile matters. Either way, I have seen all sides of the law. The most common question that I am asked is will I ever return to private practice. My answer, […]

My first post.Ever.

So when Paralegal Hell approached me and asked me to fill in for her on her blog while she went on a much-needed vacation, I jumped all over it. First of all, I felt honored that she asked me even though I think she is just trying to recruit me to blog (which she later […]


                              HSF and I are going on a MUCH needed vacation to Cabo for a week and a half with some friends, including The Counselor and his lovely wife. Corporate Paralegal has been kind enough to guest blog for me while […]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Required Paperwork

              So, on my last day on the Death Star, I was pulled into HR and asked to fill out some final paperwork in order to end the reign of terror. The last page was how my experience was working for the Death Star and that my responses would […]

Top Searches That Found Paralegal Hell

These always amuse me… 1. Drunk Paralegals- I talk about vodka a lot, but I kinda think this person was searching for something else.  Maybe Paralegals Gone Wild? 2. Paralegal Hell is hot- Yes, yes I am.  Thank you. 3. Deep Thoughts By Paralegals- Wow, Google really steered you in the wrong direction. 4. Do […]

Three More Days!

                    Three more days and I am off the Death Star. Since they are treating me like I have a fatal disease and will not talk to me, I have decided not to answer any more emails.  What the hell are they going to do? Fire […]

The Office Pariah

          Ever walk into an office with a bunch of chattering coworkers only to have the conversation end abruptly the moment you show your face? Well, if you’re a Storm trooper at the Death Star that just gave them notice you were leaving,  you  know that  if the conversation ended abruptly, […]

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