Migraines Are Super Fun…

It begins like an army of dull hammers, Waging war on your skull. Trying to destroy it, shatter it into a million pieces. To win this battle, To conquer you, and be your ruler. But it already holds the remote-control To your life. Then your head is a drum, With a rock-star musician Practicing his […]

How The Death Star Fires A Stormtrooper

                No- this post is not about me.  I honestly wish it was so I could sit on my ass, collect my dignity and respect (the little I have left) and get unemployment while looking for a new job. Here is how the Death Star fires someone.  I […]

Waiting On Rick…

            Two measures regulating payday and auto title loans which were passed by the Texas Legislature await Gov. Rick Perry’s signature.  If passed, the two bills will establish a licensing and regulatory framework for all short-term consumer loans such as payday loans and auto title loans.  However, they will not […]

10 Ways to Unwind After Work

I just read this stupid article….   Find it tough to wind down after a demanding workday? Try these 10 strategies for shifting from office to home mode:  1. Leave work at the office. Resolve to not bring work home in the evening (or limit it to two nights a week if absolutely necessary). (That is […]

Things A Paralegal ARE NOT…

From the start, I want you to know that we love our jobs, when we can actually DO our jobs.  Most of the time, we have great clients and great attorneys that we work for.  We try to provide our clients with the best customer service  that we can and our attorneys with the best […]

HA! I Am A Text Book Now

Paralegal Hell The Paralegal Resource Manual I did a random Google search and found this.  God, I wish it was true.  Think of the text book me and my fellow anon bloggers could write.  It would be fantastic! PH

10 Things That Sucks About Being A Paralegal

I never  dreamt of being a paralegal.  I’ve told this story before, but I was a teacher before I got into the legal field.  I left due to extreme burnout. I had no idea that the stats on paralegal burnout were very similar to teachers. So here I sit today,  entrenched in the legal system, […]

A Coloring Book For Lawyers

Hee!  I ran across this the other day and had to share with you. http://www.sadanduseless.com/2011/02/coloring-book-for-lawyers/ Print the pages out for your favorite attorney, or print them out for yourself to give you something to do during meetings! PH      

The Interns

O Dear Lord, please help me make it through the day… I asked an Intern to draft a Verified Continuance, then email it to me and I’ll proof it and send it on to the “powers that be”.  The Intern asked if she could print it from her computer first, to proofread before sending it […]

Fun At Target

I was at Target the other day, looking around for cute tops for work when I saw a man I thought I recognized and waved at him. He looked a tad confused, but waved back.  After about five minutes he came up to me and said, ‘Sorry, do you know me?’ I said, “Oh I […]

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