True Blood Season Premiere

          Here’s where the first episode of season 4 found everyone. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the episode, there are spoilers below: Sookie: Sookie, the most annoying character on TV EVER, went to Fairyland at the end of season three, and that’s where we met up with her last night. […]

How To Tell If A Swedish Man Thinks You’re Hot

            * Actual picture of HSF This is THE look for a Swedish man interested in a woman. They refuse to accept the existence of such a look, but it does indeed exist. What is it?  Ladies, you know the look you give a man in the bar/restaurant/party etc that […]

A New Day

Yesterday was my wake up call.  I have found that for the last few months I have been stressed beyond belief.  I started letting normal things that I would usually not give a second thought, turn into a mountain of stress and anger. After a horrible night of sleep (sorry HSF), I decided no more.  […]

Not In The Mood

  Today has been a shitty day. I taught my aerobics class on Saturday.  After class, my Achilles was aching.  The same Achilles that I have ruptured before. Today was horrible at work.  I get to leave to get an MRI, and find two small tears in my Achilles heel.  Freakin awesome.  I am told […]

More Teaching Stories

                      As requested, here are some more things that happened when I taught school.  Happy Friday! 1. During early morning duty, one of my former students came up to me and said in a very excited voice that they were having Show and Tell that […]

The Interns….

                        Dear God, once again, I am not making this up. I was taking my precious 15 minute break and came back to my office.  Here is the interaction with the intern when I sat down. Intern:  “‘Sumwon phoned ya’” Me:  ‘Oh? Who?’ Intern:  […]

Wedding Cake?

I suggested this as a wedding cake for PH & I. Think she’ll like it?                     HSF

Talking To My 14 Year Old

                  Over the past couple of months, I have come to realize that teenagers require a different set of communication rules. With everyone else in my life I have the ability to have a conversation. I say what I would like to say and they listen. Then […]

Funny Kindergarten Moments

            I was talking to my former teacher friends yesterday.  They like to call me during the summer and tell me how they are by the pool while I am stuck on the Death Star.  Bitches. Anyway, it got me thinking about some of the funny moments that happened when […]

Likes On Facebook = Coffee Mug

    OK, I have had a LOT of emails about this.  Most readers are asking if they get their friends to like me on Facebook, and then email me the name of the person they are “liking” me for, would that count? I say yes, but your friends can not dislike me.  If they […]

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