Apparently, there is a “singing” contest every year in Europe and it is a HUGE deal. I only remember Eurovision when I was six, living in Australia and watching it on TV with my parents. Olivia Newton John was there and sang for the UK (so Australia was super excited), but that was the same […]

CYA Boxes

Here is another tip for new paralegals of students in paralegal school.  Attorneys loves them some document retention boxes.  LOVE! A must have for most law firms is the document retention box. You will find document retention boxes all over the place at your law firm. Nothing says “I have lots of work to do” […]

Two New Bloggers To Welcome To The Neighborhood

We have two new bloggers to welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Life In The LPA and Lost Paralegal, which I have both linked on my blog roll. Check them out and let them know that PH sent you. I am so proud “sniff”- I have so many readers who now have blogs.  I […]

Operation Beautiful

About a month ago, a post-it note popped up on bathroom mirror while I was at department store trying on some True Religion jeans. In simple script it read” YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE! STAY STRONG!” This is just one of thousands such notes working to spread positivity around the world […]

It’s A Good Thing

              Yes, liking me on Facebook is a good thing.  I know I have readers who have Facebook accounts, but have not liked me on Facebook yet.  Why?  I am not sure because I am all kinds of awesome So, here is the dealio.  If you have a Facebook […]

To The Senior Class of 2011

Check this out from the great  The Lower Frequencies Blog.  The intro below, followed by a note to our future attorneys and paralegals. Click on over to read the full post. To the Senior Class of 2011… This year I wasn’t a candidate for graduation speaker (thank God), but I still have some words of wisdom […]

Every Day At The Death Star

  You know you really need to start looking for a new job when certain things start happening. Walking down the hall towards your desk in the morning feels like a death march. You have to take go puke in the bathroom before you sit down at your desk and power up the computer. You wish […]

Our Required Uniforms

                I always wondered how the Death Star had so many Stormtrooper uniforms for us and where they bought them.  Was there a wholesale shop that specialized in this? Well, now I know…. L.S.D, the above website, is the definitive independent online resource for all Stormtrooper armour […]

Breaking The Code

Here is a handy cheat sheet for all my lovely clients that call and act like assholes. When I say: Can I put you on hold for a minute? I need to look something up. What I mean: I’m going to go to the bathroom and then grab a cup of coffee. I’m hoping you’ll […]

Payday Loans Forced To Pay Into Education Fund

In 2009, the governor of Delaware and the legislature created a new state law which required high-interest loan businesses to pay a $1,500 annual fee per office, with the fund earmarked for public financial education.  Because of the fund, that state has awarded $500,000 in financial literacy grants to 13 nonprofit organizations. Gov. Jack Markell […]

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