Casual Friday

So, do you think I took it a little too far today? I am sure the Dress Code Police will be after me soon. Oh- for the love of God, that is NOT me.  I would never wear such tacky, stripper boots PH


                        Is there really any relief from job stress? I read more and more articles about scheduling your time, talking to your boss, and other ways to relieve job stress. I’ve even read that you may just have to quit your job. Yeah right, […]

Movies on TV That I HAVE to Watch, Part II

6.  8 Mile                 Basically, this is Rocky set to Rap Music, but it works.  Yes, I have  been a fan of Eminem ever since his major label debut album, The Slim Shady LP, was released in 1999.  Despite what you may think of him or his politics, you have […]

Go to Purgatory. Do not pass Go.

Check out the new feature on The Paralegal Purgatory Forum. Join the discussions, ask questions and enjoy the company of your fellow paralegals. See you in Purgatory! PH / HSF P.S. To access the Purgatory Panel in the future, either go directly to or click the link up there on the right that […]

Rocky IV – The Version They Saw In Russia

Hey guys, HSF here. just posted a timely video showing a trailer of the real version of Rocky IV. Check it out. I think PH would like that version better. I met Dolph a few years ago in a music store in Sweden. Back when people still were buying CDs. Nice guy. /HSF P.S. […]

The Top Five Movies That If On T.V., I HAVE To Watch

Yep, I have a problem.  Maybe it is OCD, or maybe I am just freaking crazy, or a bit of both, but if ANY of the following movies are on tv, I have to stop and watch them.  It doesn’t matter if it is in the middle of the movie, or at the last ten […]

After Work On The Death Star

This is me every night.  Seriously. And yes, the water in the toilet is yellow because I have two boys.  Need I say more? PH

Battling Burnout

Oh Snap! I was interviewed for an article on Paralegal Burnout and the author, Diana Smith, did a great job with the topic. Check out the article, featuring yours truly, in Carolina Paralegal News. (Download the PDF) Is it too early to start thinking about a book tour? PH

The Name Tag For My Next Meeting

The Death Star Is Killing Me

The job stress is getting unbearable. I have anxiety from the time I wake up in the morning until I get home everyday. Actually I think its one big long anxiety that lasts from Sunday night to Friday afternoon every week. The powers to be are getting pettier and pettier everyday. Its almost as if […]

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