Are Paralegals Happy?

Grumpy sent me this article and he did a great job talking about it on his site here. Here is my take… My comments to this “article” will be in bold…. High expectations are on par with everything that the paralegal field has to offer. It is one of a handful of industries filling […]

Hello Darling

All my worries are over. I’ve struck it rich! Look at this email I just got: Hello Darling, I know you don’t not know me in person, however I will want you to bear with me after reading my mail and be of good assistance to me. Of which you know bad people in this […]

Fun With The Phone

Client: “Is Admiral X there? I need to speak with him, it’s urgent!” Me: “He is unavailable, but he told me he will call you as soon as he can.” (15 minutes later.) Client: “I need to speak with Admiral X right now!” Me: “He can’t talk with you right now, but when he gets […]

The Funniest Article Ever

Lovable Jobs That Pay See how you can get into a fun career that pays. By Yahoo! Education Staff How much time do you spend hating your job? Wouldn’t you be more productive – and more content – in a job you love? Turns out that having a job you enjoy can make a huge […]

Glee: Unsexy Episode

The episode was called “Sexy”, but if you have freaking Gwyneth Paltrow in it, there is NOTHING sexy about it. Another crappy episode with Gwen.  Frankly, I’ve given up on expecting any semblance of continuity or sense with the plot of Glee. I don’t know. This, to me, was a lame and disappointing episode. THE […]

Fun With The Clients

I am paged to come to the front to help out a client with payment. I take the client’s payment and hand the client the Pro-Doc receipt for the payment. Client: *looks at receipt* “Your name’s Footer? That’s a strange name.” Me: “Uh, no. My name’s Paralegal Hell. Why would you think my name was […]

Ten Reasons The Death Star Sucks

10. People who chew and pop gum loudly….like a cow. All….day….long. 9. People who leave long-winded 10 minute voice-mail messages that could have been summed up in 30 seconds. 8. Admirals with rampant Halitosis that is exacerbated by a 7 cup a day coffee habit. 7. Admirals who plaster their desk or office with nothing but pictures of their […]

Sleeping on the Job

At the Death Star, we have a LAZY Admiral. This Admiral does the least amount of work and is usually gone for the day by 2:00. Anytime you need this Admiral, they are no where to be found. This Admiral is a partner though, so he is untouchable and uses that to his full advantage. […]

New Paralegal Blogger

Check out the new blog from Space Monkey.  It is another take on what we go through every day I have the site listed on my links.  Don’t forget to say that PH sent ya! PH

Crazy Intern

We have a brand new intern, and the bitch is CRAZY! Her first day, I paid little to no attention to her. The second day, she began talking to herself when I sat down at 8:00 am to the point when she left at 5:30. Wow I thought, this girl is certainly struggling. I could […]

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