Stroomtrooper #5 is Creepy

Posted on | March 25, 2011 | 2 Comments

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Stormtrooper #5 came over to see me when Droid, the IT technician, was installing the messaging software on my PC. “What the hell is that smell?” Stormtrooper #5 asked.

“I know. I Know. I can’t work it out. I think something might have died. A mouse or a rat or something.” I said.

Stormtrooper #5  stroked his Darth Vader Rules tie. “Did you know that rats reach sexual maturity at 8 weeks old and have sex up to twenty times a day?”

Is it this kind of talk that turns on the women? Stormtrooper#5 was quite flirty in his approach, using a breathy voice. He continued, “They’re appearing in record numbers. They are everywhere – nasty little critters.”

Droid grunted, “It’s done.”

“All that sex and they don’t even have chat rooms.” Stormtrooper #5 smiled and slithered away.

I was left a bit worried. What was he implying? Was he suggesting that rats would indulge in ‘internet grooming’? Damn it to hell! I will never read Wind in the Willows in the same way ever again.  A beloved childhood memory destroyed by the Death Star.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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2 Responses to “Stroomtrooper #5 is Creepy”

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