Another Day On The Death Star

What Really Happens at Meetings on the Death Star

Check out this blog….

BTW, another blogger I added to my blog roll that you should check out is Super Legal Fun. Witty, funny, bitchy and reads my blog.  What’s not to love about that? Check her out: Don’t forget to tell her Paralegal Hell sent ya! PH

Stroomtrooper #5 is Creepy

  Stormtrooper #5 came over to see me when Droid, the IT technician, was installing the messaging software on my PC. “What the hell is that smell?” Stormtrooper #5 asked. “I know. I Know. I can’t work it out. I think something might have died. A mouse or a rat or something.” I said. Stormtrooper […]

I Love You All

Seriously, thank you so much for all the emails that I received when I sounded the alarm.  The paralegal who needs advice and your help will be contacting you.  I told her not to be shy, that all of you were willing and able to help her out. Plus, I had no idea how many […]

Need Help…

Readers, If you are an attorney or a paralegal in the PI field, would you please email me at  We have a fellow paralegal that needs some advice. Thanks! PH

Fun With The Phone

Me: “Death Star.  Paralegal Hell speaking.:” Client: “I am sick of your Admirals  calling me at home. I swear, one of these days, I’m going to find those fucks and gun them down!” Me: “Sir, they are trying to collect your unpaid property taxes for the last three years. They’re just doing their job.” Client: […]

Pizza At The Death Star


Pictures on Resumes

You are going to get different reactions to this topic, but I personally, don’t like to see pictures, especially family pictures on resumes. Why, you ask? Most of the people we hire at The Death Star? I don’t want to see a picture. Have you looked around law school recently? Sitting in front of a […]

Texas Lawyers Reject Ban on Sex with Clients

Remember the proposal I blogged about here? Well, here is the result.  It will not shock you…. Members of the State Bar of Texas have rejected a proposed change in the ethics rules that would have barred sex with clients. The rule would have banned sex between lawyer and client unless they were married, or […]

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