Searches That Found Paralegal Hell

Yep, it is that time again where I list how some readers found the blog. 1. Nurse Scott Baio aroused-  WTH?  Have I ever mentioned Scott Baio until now? I am very curious about this search.  Is there a porn with a nurse and Scott Baio making the rounds? 2. Paralegal Snark- Yep.  Plenty of […]

A Disclaimer AND now a “Coward”

Hmmm, I don’t think the Paralegal Gateway people quite get it. Here is the question that was posted on one of our “Gateway friends” walls. Are you ready for this? “Would like opinions: What do you think of a blogger who openly criticizes others but doesn’t reveal their identity???” Of course, most of the opinions […]

Bullying: It’s Not Just For Paralegals

Thank you Texas Lawyer for sharing your story with me and the readers. It is horrible that you had to go through all that bullshit, but it is nice to know that we are not alone. I am so glad you are happy now, but if you ever decide to go back to being a […]

Things To Do When You Are Busy As Hell At Work And The Lawyer Is Breathing Down Your Neck

Buy the largest packet of painkillers you can find. If anyone starts putting pressure on you, hold them up and yell, “Don’t make me take all of these!” Outsource. Through the wonders of the Internet a 14 year old Lithuanian will complete your spreadsheets for little more than 5 cents a week. Set achievable goals […]

Death Star Burnout

At my desk this morning, unable to work….I’m just too burnout. I’ve read and re-read every article on the internet trying to feel so not alone here. Here’s what I’ve decided, I’m Beyond Burnout. Every list of symtoms doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel on any given day in this place….AND….every list of […]

Bullying tied to mental health problems later

Reuters published an interesting article about people (men specifically) that bully and are bullied. It indicates that these individuals are far more prone to mental health problems later in life. Maybe this is why the “bad bosses” only seem to get worse with age; there really *is* something wrong with them! Since I can’t really […]

Another Post On Being Bullied

This post comes from Another Paralegal, who, just like most of us, have been through the same thing with asshat attorneys who use their power for evil. I am glad that you stood up for yourself.  Just watch your back.  Once a bully, always a bully and it sounds like your boss is a coiled […]

Putting “People” First

Apparently, the Death Star has noticed that not all of the Stormtroopers are happy.  As a matter of fact, most are depressed, suicidal or both. So, they have decided to… wait for it…. have a MEETING about it.  Huzzah! The Emperor has decided that Priority One in getting “us” out of our slump (high attrition, […]

Being Bullied

This is a very special guest post from Anonymous in Indy.  Thank you so much for contacting me and writing this for the blog.  Readers, this is what my blog is all about.  Humor and venting about our jobs.  If you have something that you want to write about or a topic you want me […]

For The Love of The Job

Hmm… let me just itemize the things I do in an 8 hour work day. 1. Walk in the door and already have my manager scream 20 things that need to be done NOW. 2. Take off my coat, walk into manager’s office to get the details.  When I mean details, I mean my manager […]

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