I HATE Meetings!

YEA!  Today is our weekly team meeting where we sit in the conference room for an hour and accomplish nothing.  I can’t freakin wait! Here is a memo to the Death Star…. Don’t have meetings Do you really need a meeting? Meetings usually arise when a concept isn’t clear enough. Instead of resorting to a […]

Our “Incentive” Meetings

In order to waste more time at the Death Star, the Emperor has Incentive meetings at least three times a month in order to rally the troops. We all gather in the huge conference room, where the Emperor hands out $10 to someone in the Collections department who collected a HUGE debt that kept them […]

Judges Without Furniture

Many judges also object plan for unarmed court guards instead of bailiffs from sheriff’s department By KEN KALTHOFF Dallas County court judges are grappling with security and office furniture as 2011 begins. County Commissioner John Wiley Price said some judges had no furniture as they took office Monday after their predecessors evidently carted it away in […]

My Email Out of Office Response

God, how I wish I could use this I’m out of the office right now. Do I hate answ’ring email? And how! Missed your missive? I’m glad, So I won’t say I’m sad. Pester some other worker-bee. Ciao! No Love, PH

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