A Christmas Story: The Best Christmas Movie Ever

According to star Peter Billingsley, director Bob Clark had to agree to direct other schlocky films for distributor MGM and put up cash out of his own pocket to get A Christmas Story made. It’s a good thing he saw his vision through – what would Christmas be without Jean Shephard’s festive, wholehearted tale of the ups […]

Fun With Work Email

I had this email in my inbox this morning: Good morning: Please explain you position so I can explain David what’s going on, and manage the situation. The way it works is, if you have information about the Smith’s that I do not have or know, how can I help, you must keep me informed. Do […]

I Just Like To File!

I can’t stop laughing at this picture!  I am so going to print one and post it in my cubicle. Behold it’s awesomeness! PH

Searches That Found Paralegal Hell

Here is a list of how some found my amazing blog.. 1. G. Jones sucks- yes, she sure does 2. Stomach virus-  Yikes- hope you are feeling better. 3. Stephanie ytube-  I actually had lots of searches for this.  I have no idea why and probably don’t want to know 4. Evil clown phobia-  Honey, all […]

Inventor of Work Week

Dear Inventor Of The Work Week, Today I am 8-hours closer to death because of you. Why is it that you invented the work week? Did you hate life so much that you had to ruin it by making everybody work? Did your mother not pay enough attention to you as a child? Did you […]

Where Have All The Comments Gone….

I know it is a busy time of year,  but damn, this blog is a ghost town when it comes to comments recently. In honor of my loneliness, I have re-written Where Have All The Cowboys Gone to fit my sadness… Where is my Grumpy Humbug Where is my Mom-alegal Where is my Ft Worth […]

Top Ten Worst Celebs I Have Met

Allrighty, yesterday it was the nice, today it is the naughty.  See how I threw in that “Holiday” sentence?  That’s because I am such a talented writer Once again, this happened a long time ago.  Some of the people on this list may have decided not being a douche is a good thing and may […]

The Top Ten Nicest Celebrities I Have Met

Lots of you have emailed and asked who the nicest and the worst celebs that I have met have been. Today, this is a list of the nicest.  Please remember that I was in New York a long time ago, so the celebs on my list may have changed into giant douche bags now, but […]

Fun With The Phones

Me: “This is Paralegal. How may I help you today?” Caller: *yelling* “I want to make sure that idiot woman I spoke with a little while ago credited my account back because I think she was stupid and didn’t know what she was doing!” Me: “Okay, I’ll be happy to check on that  for you […]

The Strand Sings It Best…

Green dollar Hot profit Cold metal chains I won’t submit any time to your silly faith Line up Clock in Punch out Enslaved The greedy men are like pimps that whore my days I need a cell that’s free of grime I need a vision that can be defined I need a place I can […]

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