Review: A Very Glee Christmas

Posted on | December 16, 2010 | 5 Comments

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To be honest, I actually thought that this was the best “themed” episode yet. After the disappointment that was the Britney episode (except for Heather Morris) and the Rocky Horror episode, this I thought made up for it. It was really cute and heartwarming. Who knew? It was, to me, so enjoyable and so great that it just ended a rocky beginning to the second season on a great note. It fit right in with Glee, I think.


Honestly, I thought that the whole Brittany still believing in Santa was going to be stupid, but it was actually too adorable for words. This storyline made me realize that Artie is actually a caring partner and even though Brittany is – yes – dumb, she’s got a huge heart. It was such a good story for both them. I was afraid it would go downhill fast, but it was surprisingly good.

The PRESENT IDEA FOR SUE was really funny. A robot dog? A soul? Haha. Awesome.

Brittany and Bieste scene was amazing. I loved how they paralleled Brittany’s impossible wish with Bieste’s wish as a little girl. I thought it was really well-written – sweet and sad all at the same time. Then, at the end, when Artie got a present from Bieste, I couldn’t control my emotions.  Warm fuzzies. Perfect.

The Grinch concept was a little too much for me but I didn’t hate it. Somehow, the whole bit with Sue in her Grinch outfit and Becky as Max – which had me chuckling like crazy – was a great homage to the original without going over the top. I came into terms with that.

I was glad that Glee went back to it’s roots and shed light on the fact that these kids are still losers. I mean, I haven’t felt that all season. It’s hard for them to be considered underdogs when they’re all football players, Cheerios, or dating one.

The Glee Club’s wishes were absolutely hilarious, especially when Lauren said “I would like Puckerman to love me.”

While I thought there was too much of Kurt earlier in the season, there was just the right amount of exposure for him in this episode. Oh, and that moment with Will Schuester seemed really nice, especially since he already left McKinley.

Finally! Will Schuester was somewhat likable in this episode. I liked the fact that he’s backing off from Emma and I was really hit by his speech about how Christmas changes when you’re an adult. I actually agree. The world isn’t such a horrible place when you’re a kid, and I think it’s so sad when you lose that feeling you had now that you’re older. Sigh.


I’m still a little disappointed that the girls didn’t do God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, that the boys didn’t do their awesome version of Jingle Bells, and, of course, that Rachel didn’t sing O Holy Night. I think those were the strongest tracks in their Christmas album. But, whatever.

Finn should stop acting like a douche. Seriously. He’s getting on my nerves. Finn’s acting like Rachel kissing Puck was the end of the freakin’ world. Yes, I understand that she kissed him when they were still together, but this is seriously being blown out of proportion. Besides, he’s being a bit hypocritical. Remember? He cheated on Quinn with Rachel before he knew that Quinn cheated on him with Puck. It’s stupid.


THE MOST WONDERFUL DAY OF THE YEAR. This to me was a good old Glee scene. It’s a great groups song for them. I liked how they were just singing because they want to, while they decorate the Christmas tree. It was just a fun number, almost seemed like it was spontaneous. Plus, I didn’t mind that Quinn got Kurt’s line in the song. She and Sam sounded really good together.

WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS. As I’ve said, one of the funniest scenes this season. Really. They also sounded lovely in this short performance. Oh, and how I love Rachel Berry. She’s got her show face on  ALL THE TIME. Hilarious.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, DARLING was beautiful. The scene leading to this performance was actually acted really well by both Rachel and Finn. I thought that set design was gorgeous and Rachel, as usual, sounded great. It was a great scene with snippets of Finn and Satana.

BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE was so charming, I can’t even stand it.  Absolutely loved this performance. I thought there was a good transition to the song and it was just a delightful duet. They both sounded great together. It’s fun, playful and flirty. Never expected that. Possibly one of the best numbers in this episode. Especially since the song itself is really quite creepy.  Have you ever listened to the words?  She wants to leave, but he keeps saying it is cold outside and pouring drinks down her throat.  Yikes.

YOU’RE A ONE MEAN MR. GRINCH. This scene, as I’ve said, was a nice homage to the original. That is all.

LAST CHRISTMAS. I have to say, this scene was wonderfully acted and the duet sounded absolutely amazing. However, I really found the camera work and panning – and probably the direction – a bit lazy and unimaginative. I mean, they have a great set design and set pieces to work with but just settled for shots that were uninteresting, to say the least. Maybe that’s just me nitpicking though. So, whatever.

WELCOME CHRISTMAS. I just loved the holiday spirit of this performance. They sounded lovely and I really like how the faculty embraced the number. I also think that Finn’s speech at the beginning was really good.  Plus, Sue’s reaction nicely done by Jane Lynch.  She could have said her line “It’s beautiful”, to come out cheesy and flat, but that is why Jane Lynch is so amazing.


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  5. Ft Worth 8L
    December 16th, 2010 @ 9:39 pm

    As far as Finn still being bent out of shape about Rachel and Puck, remember it is high school. In high school, the reactions tend to be a bit exaggerated one way or the other – things they should take seriously get blown off and things they should take less seriously are a big deal. It will set up a reconciliation of some kind in the next season.

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