Top 10 Useless College Degrees & Classes

Some may argue that there’s no such thing as a useless degree – any education is good education. However, these seemingly pointless studies may be an exception to that rule. Pay attention as we list the top 10 most useless college degrees. 10. David Beckham studies – Staffordshire University, UK It might sound like a […]

5 Things To Get Back At An Annoying Co-Worker

Has the person sitting next to you at work yet to discover the word deodorant? Does your co-worker sing Justin Bieber songs aloud eight hours a day? Does your co-worker pick his nose, thinking no one is watching? Does the guy sitting opposite you tap on his desk with an HB pencil, mistaking himself for […]

10 Reasons Why Working In A Cubicle Rocks!

1. You hear more gossip than in People Magazine and the National Inquirer put together. 2. You’re never alone. People are forever dropping in without being invited 3. You discover ringtones you never dreamed of. 4. It is hard for people to talk behind your back. 5. If you die on the job someone might […]

Tips For Coping With New Job Stress

Ha!  I found this while searching for an article that said something about a bottle of vodka and a straw…  My comments, as always, are in bold..Enjoy the stupidity of the author. Try to make friends with your new colleagues as fast as you can and make sure they are able to interact with you […]

Report From Old Boss

So, I was very friendly with the guys across the hall at my old firm  They were all kinds of awesome and when Boss was ranting, they would always come over and check to see if I was ok. I got an email from one of the guys there yesterday.  He said that he was […]

Stress of a New Job

Starting a new job can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. I am experiencing it now. When starting a new job, you are out of your comfort zone and have many factors to overcome including: • Settling into your new job. • Getting comfortable with your coworkers and management. • Getting comfortable with your […]

Principal’s Bad Grammar

Yet another reason why I RAN from the teaching profession.  This is NOT an exception to the rule- these are the people I had to report to daily. Andrew Buck, who has headed the Middle School of Art and Philosophy in Brooklyn since it opened in 2007, sent the e-mail last week to explain why […]

The Raven

If Edgar Allen Poe had written The Raven Today, it would probably be about a Paralegal…  Enjoy my version. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I researched, though weak and weary, Thru many quaint and curious sites, filled with beauty and with gore. While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of […]

200 Facebook Fans!

Thank you everyone for liking this page on Facebook! I should have a speech prepared.. hmm.  I would like to thank my amazing readers who understand my sense of humor and know that, even though I love being a paralegal, it isn’t always sunshine and lollipops.  Seriously, you all kick all kinds of ass and […]

Almost to 200!

LOOK!  I almost have 200 likes on Facebook.  Woo Hoo! Seriously, if you have a facebook account, make someone like my page.  They don’t have to read the blog, but 200 would be hella cool. PH

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