Vacancies On The Bench

*Disclaimer, this is one of my RARE, serious posts Suck it Gateway. The Los Angeles Times reported last week that one federal judicial seat in eight is now vacant and more are becoming open.  What is the problem?  Well, no one seems to care about that.  Instead, both sides are arguing over who is to […]

Fun With The Phone

Me: “XYZ Law…This is Paralegal.” Client: “I’m not happy!” Really?  Me either, but do I call you at your job and tell you this? Me: “And why is that?” Client: “I don’t know the account number for my bank account!” Me: “Okay…have you tried calling your bank?” Client: “ I did that and I ended up talking to somebody […]

Fun With Clients

*A client just got finished signing her petition, on on her way out stopped to ask me a question in my office… Client: “Paralegal, you did Criminal Law for a while right?” Me: “Yes.  Is everything ok?” Client: “I need some advice.” ”  I had $2000 in cash in my wallet when it was stolen. If […]

Countdown Clock

Check it… countdown till I leave this hell hole. Ms. G resigned.  He told her there was no need for her to stay, so it is just me and the INSANITY. Paralegal

5 Things I Wanted As A Kid

Thanks Hollywood! 1. A lightsaber When I was a kid, this was the ultimate icon of being awesome. This weapon of the Jedi was only to be used by the capable, the talented, and, naturally, the awesome. Every kid thought that he could be that way too, if only he had one of these. The […]

Come on two weeks…

The countdown begins… Boss is a complete asshole today.  He is being a paranoid, insensitive jerk. Honestly, it is because he realizes that pretty soon, he is going to have to deal with all the crap that I have had to do for the past couple of years and he is acting like a damn […]

Ten Songs That Make Me Want To Rip My Ears Off

1. Ironman by Black Sabbath- OK, I like Black Sabbath, but this song makes my ears bleed.  I was in middle school and my best friend at the time played this song, and a few more on this list, over and over again until I begged for mercy. 2. La Grange by ZZ Top- again, […]

Good F***ing God!

I walk into freakin chaos this morning. First of all, my desk is a mess.  I seriously HATE that shit.  One day and I have files thrown on my desk, loose papers, and an old coffee cup with the cold coffee in it.  Nice. Ms. G is in a panic because she believes she can’t […]

Stomach Virus

I would like to take the time to thank my teenage son for giving me the gift that keeps on giving. A stomach virus Everyone but HSB is down for the count today. HSB is probably wishing he didn’t work from out of the house today This better be a 24 thing, or my oldest […]

Fun With The Clients From Downstairs

On the floor below us is another attorney’s office.  They do Family and Criminal. Today I had a woman walk in and demand to know what happened at her son’s hearing today. Lady: “Hi, I need to know what happened in my son’s case today”. Me:  Thinking this was a bankruptcy hearing..“I can’t tell you any details […]

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