Glee Season Premire

Glee:  My Review.  You are welcome “I didn’t send her to an active crack house.” Our one fear with the return of Glee was that it was going to become a victim of its own hype. There’s nothing worse than a hit show that acts like it’s a hit show. They become way too self-referential […]

Woo Hoo!

Just got a call from Handsome Swedish Boyfriend telling me that he booked a one hour massage for me tomorrow because I have had such a stressful week. This man is a saint.  Can’t wait till tomorrow!! Paralegal

Paranormal Paralegal – Steve Carell with hair

A young Steve Carell in a Paranormal Paralegal sketch! Must see on a slow (haha) Friday afternoon! /Rare post by me. 2 posts out of 182 ain’t bad, right?

How I Saved A Paralegals Life

How is that for an awesome title? A couple of months ago, I ran into another paralegal while doing some shopping. I had no idea who she was or that she was a paralegal at the time. We were looking at the same item, struck up a conversation, and found out that she was in the same […]

Parsippany, NJ, Paralegal pleads innocent to stealing her daughter’s identity

  Once again, no, this was not me. A paralegal from Parsippany with a criminal history of thefts was offered a plea bargain Wednesday of 18 months in state prison to resolve a charge of posing as her daughter to get a credit card.   Stephanie Yturbe, 43, was indicted in August by a Morris […]

Walk A New Path

Was searching the web and came across this gem.  As you know, I have to add comments to what I call bullshit on. We can choose to walk down a new path in any area of our lives. Here are some tips to help you see a new path open up. Choose to live a […]

Paralegal Charged With Selling Crack

No- it was not me. Charge expected against Seattle schools paralegal over alleged crack sale A paralegal for Seattle Public Schools is expected to be charged this week for allegedly selling crack cocaine to an informant working for Seattle police. A paralegal for Seattle Public Schools is expected to be charged this week for allegedly […]

Hold On

No posts today, my dear readers. Instead, enjoy Wilson Phillips singing a song that I need right now. Hope you all are having a much better week than myself. Paralegal

Giving Me Ideas….

This article is very interesting… TRAVERSE CITY — A paralegal successfully sued Grand Traverse County for a $25,000 settlement in a discrimination lawsuit. Janice M. Hinds, of Traverse City, accused county officials of retaliating against her by denying her a job and/or interviews after they learned she filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against […]

How You Dress Your Little Girls

This is Suri, TomKat’s little girl.  What is wrong with this picture? If you answered that she is wearing high heels and make-up, then you get Paralegal brownie points. As a mother of a three year old little girl, I am very mindful of what she wears. I like for her to dress age appropriate and […]

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