100 People “Like” Me on Facebook!

Posted on | September 29, 2010 | Comments Off on 100 People “Like” Me on Facebook!

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Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting this.  I don’t have a speech ready…

I would love to thank my readers, for understanding my humor and not being like some other bitchy Paralegal blogs who would never link my site because “it is in bad taste”, yet read it on a daily basis.  Bitches.

I would also like to thank Handsome Swedish Boyfriend, who is awesome in so many ways. Especially when I email him at work and tell him please add “this link” to my post and publish since Boss won’t let us on YouTube.

I would also like to thank Boss.  Without your craziness, your rants, your days of playing golf while I am working my ass off, none of this would be possible.  Keep rocking the crazy Boss.  It is comedy gold.

Seriously, thank you all for coming to the site and making me feel better on days when murder is on my mind and cracking me up with your insight and comments.  I appreciate all of you.


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