My Interview, or Sparring With A Bitch From Hell

I had an interview with a huge law firm downtown today.  I was excited because big law firms= health benefits.  Really, that is all I can ask for these days.  My pipe dreams of being happy are over. Anyhoo, the interview had 10 attorneys.  7 were men, the rest female.  There was one female who […]

Rhianna’s Red Hair

Miss Rihanna’s gowns by Adrian; hair by Kool-Aid. Wow.  As a NATURAL red head, I was excited to hear that Rhianna was going to rock some red.  Well… Ronald McDonald, am I right? But what the hell. She’s young, rich and beautiful and she’s shooting her latest music video. If that’s not the time to […]

Management Team Building Crap

I walked upstairs this morning to get the good coffee from the sweet IT company, since I refuse to buy anymore for our firm. As I was leaving,  I passed the conference room, where I snapped this gem.  Behold the awesomeness.  And by awesome, I mean soul sucking boredom…. Here follows an example of a […]

100 People “Like” Me on Facebook!

Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting this.  I don’t have a speech ready… I would love to thank my readers, for understanding my humor and not being like some other bitchy Paralegal blogs who would never link my site because “it is in bad taste”, yet read it on a daily basis.  Bitches. I would […]


Although I don’t mention this often..I think it would be an understatement to say that I have some pretty great people in my life… Last night I found myself deep in thought about a few things that have been on my mind lately. I’ve come to the realization that God has strategically placed certain people […]

Searches That Found Paralegal Hell

1. Lick My Ovum-  WTF?  Is that possible?  It sounds quite painful to me. 2. New Paralegals-  Hi.  Welcome.  Yes, my job sucks, but keep reading.  It will get better one day. 3. Paralegal Respect-Ummm, no.  You won’t get any. 4. Ronnie Bryant, Seattle-  Hi Ronnie.  Apparently, someone is looking for you.  Keeping my fingers […]

What Do The Following States Have In Common?

1.  Wyoming 2. New Mexico 3. Rhode Island 4. Vermont The are the only states that hasn’t had one single Paralegal read my blog.  Weird, because I am all kinds of awesome.  Hell, UTAH has read my blog.  Utah, people. If you know ANYONE from the states listed above, have them check out the site.  […]

The Ironic Truth About Stupid People

Handsome Swedish Boyfriend just sent me a link to this brilliant article.  Enjoy! By Anna Johnson The following true story explains why stupid people rarely get away with evil schemes and why it’s the smart ones you’ve got to watch. On the other hand, as you’ll see, there’s also a sting in the ‘tale’… A […]

Be Very Careful of Debt Settlement Companies

Debt settlement is becoming very popular now that the recession is stretching into its third year.  One of the appealing aspects of the debt settlement pitch is the idea that a debtor can pay only pennies on the dollar for a debt and avoid bankruptcy. But the truth about debt settlement is that it rarely can deliver […]

Parents Should Never Financially Sacrifice Themselves For Their ADULT Children

Election time is here again, which means that proverbial “dirt digging” is back in fashion for every politician out there, left, right and center.  One such “dirt digging” campaign is getting a lot of attention.  The case of Nathan Deal who is running for governor in Georgia is being branded with the big “B” which […]

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