Pet Peeves Working With Attorneys

Ran across this list from Paralegal Gateway.  Thought it was interesting to share here, as I am sure you can relate some, if not all. The Collection of the Top Twenty Paralegal Pet Peeves on Working with Attorneys 20.  When an attorney gets his hands on the case file and rearranges the exhibits in your […]

Tuesday Haiku

Depressing work space. Office is full of clutter. Most of it’s not mine….. Paralegal

Things To Do At Your Next Staff Meeting

Stand up and act indignant. Demand that the boss tell you the ‘real’ reason this meeting has been called. Spill coffee on the conference table. Produce a little paper boat and sail it down the table. Stay behind as everyone else, including the boss, leaves. Thank them for coming. Give a broad wink to someone […]

Resume Bloopers

I am seriously bored at work right now.  I have done all my work, plus some of the Paralegals and I have nothing to do.  I even cleaned the supply closet.  Yep- I was desperate. Anyway, I came across a list of some funny things people actually put on their resume.  Enjoy. “Career break in […]

T-Shirt Contest- The Winners!

Wow- I have to tell you that this was NOT easy.  The submissions were hilarious and it was really hard to pick just three. With that being said, the third runner up comes from the awesome Aimless Wonderer with her submission I. Am. Paralegal. Simple, to the point and resonates the power we should hold. […]

Fun With The Phones

This one is not an irritating client, just funny…. Me: “May I please speak with Mrs.***?” Client: “Speaking.” Me: “Hi there, this is Paralegal, I’m calling to let you know that you can come pick up your original tax returns.” “You can pick them up anytime you like.” *long pause* Me: “Hello?” Client: “Oh! I’m sorry. […]

When Is My Jet Blue Moment?

I’m sure y’all have heard about the Jet Blue flight attendant who went buck-nutty after having an altercation with a passenger who couldn’t follow the rules. Long story short: I think this is hilarious. And he is my personal hero. The back story goes that he has been caring for his dying mother. It’s amazing […]

Things Debtors Do That Will Get Their Bankruptcy Dismissed

Generally speaking when a debtor files for bankruptcy, the process goes smoothly.  However, there are a few things that a debtor can do that could end in the dismissal of their bankruptcy by the bankruptcy trustee: A debtor’s bankruptcy case may be dismissed if the debtor fails to provide the bankruptcy trustee with tax returns […]

Funny Job Titles

It has been a SLOW day at work today, so I am using a proxy server to search for jobs. Nothing looks great in the legal field for me, but I searched other areas as well and found some hilarious titles… Experienced Bra Fitter – That would be a great business card! Administraive/ Secretary – […]

Fun With Boss

Today is Bambi’s last day.  We (the Paralegals) are sad to see her go, but understand.  Hell, we are actually all jealous. Bambi is a great Paralegal and got a job at another firm for more pay, and benefits!  She will have to start at the bottom again, but she will be fine.  I’ll miss […]

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