Watch out Sweden, Lisbeth Salander is on her way!

That’s right,  I leave for Stockholm tomorrow.  I am super excited and my Paralegals are begging me not to go.  I told Boss to please be on his best behavior. I am posting pics of how I leave my desk EVERY day.  I am a super organized neat freak at work (as most paralegals are). […]

Fun With Boss

I walk into my office and immediately get a call.  It is Boss. Boss: “Paralegal, I have a flat tire and I need to be at a hearing in 45 minutes.” Me: “No problem.  Just tell me where you are, I’ll wait for your car and you can drive my car to the hearing.  Just […]

Fun With Boss

I just got back from a day of 341 hearings (which are always super fun), and one of my Paralegals is at her desk crying. My Spidey sense is tingling and tells me that Boss did something stupid. I grab another Paralegal, take her in the conference room and ask her if she know why […]

Becoming Lisbeth Salander

Handsome Swedish Boyfriend and I will be leaving for Stockholm, his home town, this Saturday.  I am excited to see where he grew up and the reason why he is so freakin “Swedish” sometimes, but I am also meeting his family for the first time.  ALL of his family. My Swedish vocabulary consists of the […]

Fun With Boss

I just got back to my desk after lunch/filing declarations with the Bankruptcy court and found a note from Boss.  It says: “Paralegal, I was looking for Mr. X’s file and spilled coffee on your desk and chair.  When you get back I need you to do…” (and then gives me a list of 6 things, […]

Additional Reading on Why Lawyers Are Miserable

Funny article I found on Bitter Lawyer, which goes with my previous post on why Lawyer’s can be so damn horrible to work for. Funny stuff, Paralegal

Hurt Feelings?

There seems to be a weird double standard about Paralegal Blogs versus Attorney or Law student blogs. There are some hilarious law blogs out there on the web, some of which are on my blog roll, and they are free to say what they want and have their colleagues approval at the same time.  Heck, […]

Fun With The Phone

Me: ” XYZ Law, this is Paralegal.” Client: “Paralegal, this is Mr. Responsible.  Do I have a case number yet?” Me; “No sir, we have not received payment for filing fees.” Client: “But Paralegal, they cut off my electricity.  I need it back on.” Me: “I understand Mr. Responsible, however you have not given us […]

My Top 5 Most Horrible Interviews

Not in any particular order… 1.  In high school I was interviewing for a job as a waitress for the summer.  I was walked to the manager’s “office” (the janitor’s closet) and sat down for the interview.  It was just general questions, everything seemed to be going well, then I noticed a HUGE cockroach on […]

Student Loans in Bankruptcy

When is an undue hardship not an undue hardship?  When you have a student loan. If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy and hoping that your student loans can be included, I am here to inform you that they won’t be.  You can NEVER get out of paying your student loans.  Seriously, even if […]

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