Fun With The Phone

Me: “XYZ Law Firm, this is Paralegal.” Potential Client: “Paralegal, I have emailed you three times today and told you that I can not come in at the times you gave me on Monday.” Me: “Yes sir, and I also replied that those were the only times we had available.” Potential Client: “Yes, but you […]

Paralegal Hell Mousepad

My awesome friend who designed the coffee mug, just made a really cute mousepad.  Check it out. BTW- I am still waiting for my coffee mug.  You would think awesome friend would hook me up Paralegal

LSAT Prep Question

In honor of my LSAT, I bring you a logical reasoning problem about an attorney I used to work with. I worked with an attorney at Litigation firm that was smart. A pain in the ass most days, but very smart.  This attorney used to abuse the staff and didn’t care. (I swear, Friday afternoon […]

Team Building Exercises

Oh yes, it is the time of year when my former colleagues have to go back to their schools and during “staff development” they have the obligatory team building exercises.  I have received several texts from my former teacher friends asking me to please come to their campuses to shoot them to put them out of […]

Fun With The Phone

Me: “XYZ Law Firm, this is Paralegal.” Client: “Paralegal, I am at my hearing and there is no one here.” Me: “Well, Mr. Annoying, that is probably because your hearing isn’t until next month.” Client: “Nope.  I got a letter and it said that it was today. I took off work and I’ll be damned […]

Worst Ways To Impress Your Boss

I just read a hysterical (in my opinion) article on the four worst ways to impress your boss. The link to the article is below, but I am going to re-post it because I can’t stop laughing at the topics.  I am sure they are great tips for someone who doesn’t work for my Boss, […]

Welcome to My Nightmare

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but here is what was on my desk this morning after 5 days of vacation.

5 Things I’ll Miss About Sweden

1. Handsome Swedish Boyfriends whole family who understood how truly awesome I am 2. Beer 3. Scandinavian signs. 4. Stockholm. Reminds me of New York, minus the rats and the smells. 5. Did I mention the beer?

5 Things I’ve Learned in Sweden

1. Smoking Kills 2. Smoking can cause a slow and painful death 3. Handsome Swedish Boyfriend’s House is over 100 years old and gorgeous. Handsome Swedish Boyfriend’s House 4. Swedish Beer is good 5. Don’t walk up to a Swedish person and tell them that their shoes are cute. They’ll back away slowly, thinking that […]

Paralegal Hell Coffee

Ohh… check out the link to the freakin awesome Paralegal Hell coffee mug!  Thanks to my good friend who designed it.  Now, if they would give ME one for free, that would rock. You too can drink coffee in Paralegal Hell, Paralegal

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