Fun With Boss

Boss:” Paralegal, I need you to call the Blue’s and tell them to take their damn Financial Management class or I am going to fucking kick their ass.” Me: “I already called them yesterday sir.  I just left the ass kicking part out.” “I also canceled your 2:00 and gave it to other attorney to […]

Facebook Link

Look- I got all fancy and added a Facebook link   OK- my handsome, Swedish boyfriend did it, not me, but isn’t it pretty?  If you are on Facebook, click away on the link so I don’t look like a complete loser who has no friends.   You don’t want me to cry do you?  Well, maybe you do, […]

Fun With the Phone

Me: “XYZ Law Firm. This is Paralegal.” Client: “Hey Paralegal.  How are you?” Me: “Super, thanks for asking.” “What can I do for you today Mr. Hits on Me All the Time?” Client: “Well, have you dropped that Swedish boyfriend yet?” Me: “No sir.”  (Even if I have, which I won’t because he is my […]

Fun With Boss

Boss: “Paralegal, what do I have today?”  Like the calendar isn’t on his computer, but whatever… Me: “Well,  your schedule is clear.  I, however have four Agreed Orders to get out and about 10 Reaffirmations to send.  You wanna help?” Boss: “Hell no.  I’m going to shut my door and play Mafia Wars.  If anyone calls, […]

Fun With the Phone

Me: “XYZ Law, this is Paralegal.” Client: “This is Mr. Purple.  We got a letter.” Me: “Was it a letter telling you that you may have won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes? Because I got the same letter.  I don’t think they are telling the truth.” Client: “Ummm, no. (My clients do not get my […]

Fun With Boss

Boss: “Paralegal, have you looked at my schedule today?” Me: “Yes, I am the one who sets it.  What do you want me to change?” Boss: “Everything.  I don’t want to talk to anyone today.” Me: “Well, I don’t either, but we have three new clients coming in which means money for the firm and […]

Non-Dischargable Debts In Bankruptcy

After being in Bankruptcy for some time now, I have noticed that most clients and paralegals in training do not know what debts are non-dischargable.  Most are under the assumption that once in Bankruptcy, everything goes bye-bye. Not the case, my friends. First of all, what is a discharge?  A discharge is a permanent court […]

Fun With The Phone

Me:” XYZ Law, this is Paralegal.  How can I help you?”  *  It’s Friday- I’m in a good mood. Client: “Paralegal, I got a DWI yesterday and I need Boss to represent me on this certain date in court.” Me: ” Boss is your Bankruptcy attorney.  He can not represent you in a criminal matter.” […]

Fun With The Phone

Me:’ XYZ Law, this is Paralegal.” Client: “Hi, this is Clueless. I need some advice.” Me: “Sure, how can I help?” Client: “My wife and I went to Vegas and won some money. Do we have to tell the trustee?” Me: Pulling up their info on Pacer. “Well, you are three months behind on your […]

My Boss

Let me tell you a little about Boss. He is a “typical” lawyer who is prone to temper tantrums at least twice a week. All of them are great to watch and if I could YouTube them, they would be a huge hit. Why do I work for Boss? Because Boss is the most ethical […]

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