Posted on | June 28, 2010 | 2 Comments

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I just got an email from other attorney all pissed off at me because two clients did not bring their social security cards to their 341 hearing.

I understand other attorney’s stress because the trustee’s give them shit about it and it is a beat down for them. HOWEVER, I don’t need an email reminding me to tell the clients to bring their freakin’ cards.

Here is my procedure.  When I first get word of the client’s 341 hearing I call them and email them the date, time, location and what items to bring.  Seven days before their 341, I call and remind them again of the date, time, location and items to bring.  The day before I call and email and once again tell them the date, time, location and items to bring.  When I mention items to bring, social security card is always mentioned.

What is it that other attorney needs me to do?  Pick the clients up, make sure they have everything I have asked them to bring THREE times, not including the letter they get from the trustee stating the same thing?  Maybe hold their hands and walk them inside as well?

Like I said, I am positive the beat down he gets from the trustee on our clients not bringing what they need is not fun, but don’t send me pissy emails about doing my job.  I do my job.  Take it out on the client instead.  I guarantee the clients won’t hear a word about it- other attorney won’t say anything to “offend” the non-listening clients.  Instead, he will just offend me.  I’m just the Paralegal.

Pissed Off Paralegal

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2 Responses to “Rant”

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