My Boss is a Ninja

Posted on | June 23, 2010 | Comments Off on My Boss is a Ninja

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So, other attorney and I were looking for Boss yesterday.  We assumed he was in his office because the door was shut and the light was on.  I finally opened the door, and Boss was not there.

Other attorney and I started looking for escape routes in his office, knocking on the walls for a secret passage way, looking on the floor for a trap door, etc.  We came up with nothing.

Thus, my theory today is Boss is a Ninja.

Boss moves stealthily.  He always walks silently and seems to wear clothes that make no rustling sound.

Boss is also very quick at escape.  He is in his office one second, and the next he is gone. Poof! He vanishes.  He seems to know the ancient ninja skill of getting out of a situation (that situation being work) as quickly and anonymously as possible.

He even knew Vanilla Ice’s “other hit”.  Do you know it?  Of course not.  You are not a ninja like Boss.  It is Ninja Rap.  Yep, from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie.

As I write this, Boss has used his super awesome ninja powers and vanished again.

I am hoping that tomorrow he will bring in a stock of projectile weapons that I can use on annoying clients.  Oh yeah- being a ninja, he must have a warehouse full of cool ninja weapons.


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